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Experience true financial freedom with

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your trusted name in
sound debt management.


MPSB Pinnacle Planner is one of Malaysia’s leading debt management consultancies. 


Made up of professional financial consultants, with over 15 years’ experience, we have, to date, proudly served over 10,000 satisfied customers, nationwide.


Based on our ‘People First’ policy, we believe in listening and putting you, the customer, first.


We do this by being transparent, highly efficient in all transactions, and making sure our processes are simple and hassle free.


Our professional financial consultants are always on hand to offer you sound advice and tailor-made proposals, pertaining to your financial restructuring and debt management needs. 


All of which are easily accessible through our offices, portal and social media page.


So, whether it’s a large sum of money for big transactions, or smaller sums needed for emergencies, MPSB Pinnacle Planner is the name you can trust. 

About Us


Interested in acquiring a loan from the bank?  But hindered by your debt history?  Don’t worry, we will help prepare your financial report.  We will also assist you in restructuring any outstanding debt, while working out a flexible repayment plan in consultation with the bank. 



Struggling with high monthly instalments? Looking for instant cash in hand? What you need is a financial restructuring plan.  That’s where we come in.  Let our professional financial consultants work out a sound plan for you.  Which in turn, will bring down your commitments by a whopping 50%, and shorten your payback period as well. 



Gain access to a wide array of consultancy services via our team.  Our professional financial consultants are on hand to offer you sound advice and tailor-made solutions to meet your personal, investment and business needs, in line with your strategic objectives.

Our Service


Looking for financial help to fund your child’s education?  Need added down payment for your next property purchase?  Relax, we can help.  Through a personal financial plan, our professional consultants will get you the best interest rate from the bank, along with a flexible repayment plan, so your dreams can come true.



Looking for some capital for your business expansion?  No worries, we can help.  Just connect with our Business Loan Consultant, who will get you very competitive rates with flexible loan repayments.  So, you can be on the way to achieving your ambitions.



Do you have assets, such as land or property?  Why not charge it to your loan?  This simple plan can qualify you for a Collateralised Loan.  With it, we will help you get lower interest rates and more flexible payment terms from the bank.

Why Choose Us


At MPSB, you are at the center of everything we do, so we believe in putting you and your needs first.     


How? By being good listeners. 


By taking such a personal approach, we gain a better understanding of what you need and how you need it, fast. 


With this knowledge, we are then able to give you sound advice, step-by-step guidance, and comprehensive financial solutions to address your situation. 


The end goal?  To help you achieve a positive outcome by way of financial freedom! 


What you need to do?

  • Sign a Partnership Agency Agreement with MPSB Pinnacle Planner.

  • Provide 3 employees to be trained as Professional Financial Consultants.

What we provide for you?

  • We will train your employees to be Professional Financial Consultants, so they can run the business with you.

  • We will provide and train 30 Telemarketers (at no charge) to conduct sales calls for your Agency.

  • We will renovate and fully furnish your Agency premises.

  • After your consultants secure a loan agreement, we will manage credit processing on your behalf.

  • We will manage customer listing on your behalf.

  • We will manage all loan, CRM and SOP matters on your behalf.


Keen on running your own Debt Management Agency, but not sure where or how to start? 

We can help.


Partner with us and we will provide guidance and assistance to help you run a thriving business!

Become A Partner

Quick & Easy

Fast approval to meet your urgent needs.

Secure Process

The entire process is safe, secure and confidential.

Flexible Repayment

Enjoy greater freedom with a repayment plan that suits you.

No Guarantor

Easy process that’s hassle free

Personal Service

Our consultants will personally guide you through the whole process.

Our Promise

Our Promise

Broadway Concept Sdn Bhd

13-8, The Boulevard

Mid Valley City, 59200, Kuala Lumpur 

O : +603-9776 1578

BDB Consultant Sdn Bhd

51-7, The Boulevard

Mid Valley City, 59200, Kuala Lumpur 

O : +603-2702 2580‬


Meet The Partnership Agencies 

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